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Becoming the Best Version of You Begins on Your Next Level of Faith.

About Julianne

Overcomer Strategist & Integrated Identity Coach

Welcome to the inspiring world of Julianne Kirkland, a remarkable woman with a heart full of love for her family and a passion for transforming lives. As a devoted wife and mother of six, Julianne’s journey takes her from a bustling family life to the global stage as an international Best Selling Author, TEDx Speaker, and the visionary founder of the AWAKE Conference and Next Level Faith Podcast. With a background a former Master Trainer for Tony Robbins and an integrated identity life coach for high performers, Julianne brings a unique blend of resilience and expertise to her role as an Overcomer Strategist.

She loves being outside, adventures with her kids and culinary journeys with her husband. Jesus and inspirational t-shirts are her fave and she believes passionately that we are able to manifest God’s power within to renew our minds, transform our habits and live life abundantly! Her experience and expertise are helping high achieving women gain clarity of their calling and create a process to overcome their obstacles.



Ambitious Women Arise as Kingdom Entrepreneurs!

Join Us to Unlock Biblical Wealth, Kingdom Community, and Joy in Every Season. Get ready for our 2024 Awake Conference! Powerful Speakers, Transformational Worship, Life Giving Relationships and Renewed Purpose.

The Podcast

Discover your Next Level of Faith!

Enjoying life doesn’t have to be so hard! What you are missing is faith. Not the kind of faith where you are being preached at, not the kind that is surface level, but the kind of deep faith where you feel poured into and inspired to dive deeper into your life. 

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#1 Best Seller

Get Inspired. Get Moving. Reach your Next Level.

In “Arise and Shine,” Julianne Kirkland overcomes adversity, from financial woes and family chaos to health scares and caring for six children, while facing her father’s Alzheimer’s and a relative’s alcoholism. Her journey of faith and resilience, filled with humor and hope, speaks to those facing life’s toughest uncertainties.

Work With Me

Discover A Life You Wake Up
Excited about!

A life lived by design instead of default. A life you set intentions for and have the time and energy to follow through with them.

Motivational Speaker

Motivate and Empower Your Audience!

Integrated Identity Coach, Best Selling Author, Tedx Speaker

Julianne Kirkland brings a wealth of experience and a captivating presence to the stage. Her dynamic storytelling and seamless interaction with the audience create an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impact.

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