Who we are


Next Level Faith

Next Level Faith is a Private Ministry Association dedicated to empowering individuals on their spiritual journey, fostering a deeper connection with Biblical principles and unlocking their God-given potential. Our mission is to create transformative experiences through our annual Awake Conference, insightful podcasts, enlightening books, and personalized growth coaching. We stand committed to nurturing Kingdom Community, cultivating Joy in Every Season, and facilitating Life-Giving Relationships. Our focus is on fostering an environment of Transformational Worship and guiding individuals towards a Renewed Purpose, all rooted in the wisdom and teachings of the Bible.



Global Community

At Next Level Faith, our vision is to be a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change in the global faith community. We aspire to revolutionize how individuals engage with Biblical teachings, unlocking the wealth of wisdom within the Scriptures. Our goal is to build a vibrant, supportive community where Transformational Worship and Renewed Purpose thrive. Through our Awake Conference, podcasts, books, and coaching, we envision a world where every individual experiences profound spiritual growth, unshakable joy, and a deep sense of belonging, regardless of life’s seasons. We strive to lead by example, showcasing the power of living a faith-filled life and inspiring others to elevate their spiritual practice to the next level.