Awake Conference 2024

Ambitious Women Arise As Kingdom Entrepreneurs Together! Join Us To Unlock Biblical Wealth, Kingdom Community, and Joy In Every Season at Our 3rd Annual Awake Conference!

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September 27-28th

Atlanta, GA – Venue: TBD

Evening Welcome Reception on September 26th

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Unlock Biblical Wealth

Explore how Biblical teachings can enrich your entrepreneurial journey. Engage in powerful trainings, network with like-minded women, and receive personalized growth coaching. Learn to maintain joy through every season, align your business with your spiritual calling, and discover the secrets to spiritual and financial prosperity. Elevate your business grounded in faith and community, and unlock the wealth that awaits you in both your spiritual and entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Kingdom Community

Deepen your understanding and engagement with a Kingdom-focused community of driven Godly women. Discover how integrating into a community rooted in Biblical principles can enhance both your personal growth and business success. 

Participate in collaborative discussions, build meaningful connections with like-minded women, and discover how a supportive, faith-based network can be a powerful catalyst for your entrepreneurial journey. Embrace the opportunity to be part of a vibrant community that uplifts, supports, and inspires one another in the pursuit of spiritual and professional fulfillment.


Renewed Purpose

Women who are entrepreneurs in the Kingdom community will find guidance and inspiration to discover enduring joy and renewed purpose in both life and business. This event offers strategies and Biblical wisdom to help you navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with grace and resilience. 

Learn how to embrace joy in every season, find strength in challenges, and align your business endeavors with a deeper, spiritually-informed purpose. This is a unique opportunity to transform your entrepreneurial journey into a more fulfilling and joyful experience, deeply rooted in faith and personal growth.

Powerful Worship

Inspiring Speakers

Immersive Training

Prayer and Fellowship

Featured Guests

Stay Tuned for updates on our 2024 Speakers!

Get ready for a powerful speaker line up at this year’s Awake event, where leading Kingdom entrepreneurs will share their insights and experiences. This year’s speakers promise to be a highlight, offering valuable wisdom, inspirational stories, and practical advice for integrating faith into your business journey. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best and be inspired!

Beautiful Georgia

This Year's Venue is sure to please

Keep an eye out for the announcement of this year’s venue! Located in the picturesque heart of Georgia, Atlanta is set to host our event, offering its trademark grace and hospitality, regardless of the specific location. Stay excited for what’s to come!

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