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The best version of you begins on your next level of faith!

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Enjoying life doesn’t have to be so hard! What you are missing is faith. Not the kind of faith where you are being preached at, not the kind that is surface level, but the kind of deep faith where you feel poured into and inspired to dive deeper into your life. 

Join author, life coach, and mom of 6, Julianne Kirkland, as she brings you lessons and stories of strength, inspiration and faith filled fun. Each episode will give you “aha moments”, laughter and tears, and above all else, the permission to let God into ALL aspects of your life. Life is not curated, but it can be beautiful!

The Story

Why I created The Next Level Faith podcast

I’m Julianne Kirkland, an overcomer strategist, best selling author, life coach, and mom of six (including a set of quadruplets…you read that right). I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed, misunderstood and alone! And yes, I realize the oxymoron there. The mom who is never alone, yet feels completely alone.

I created this podcast as a way to help you reach your next level of faith. The level where you ARISE from all the hard, life has to offer and create a joyful life you love … filled with peace, purpose, and clarity.

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