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Integrated Identity Coach, Best Selling Author, Tedx Speaker, Founder of AWAKE Conference and Next Level Faith

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Embrace Your Authentic Self

As a high-performing entrepreneur, you’ve set benchmarks and defined success on your own terms, inspiring many along your journey. Yet, beneath the surface of accolades and accomplishments, there’s a deeper yearning for meaning, purpose, and the joy that seems just out of reach.

You’ve built walls to reach the heights of your career, but those same barriers now obscure the view of your true self and the abundant life that awaits you. It’s time to embrace the journey of rediscovering your God-given identity, to peel back the layers that have shielded you but also concealed the essence of who you are.

Discover You

Embark on a journey to deepen your purpose

Imagine a life where performance is not just measured by external success, but by the alignment of your actions with the divine purpose for which you were created. A life where every achievement is not just a notch on the belt of your professional endeavors, but a step closer to fulfilling your spiritual calling. This is not just a dream—it’s a reality that awaits when you begin to break down the walls and let the light of your true identity shine through.

I invite you to embark on this transformative journey, to explore the depths of your being and discover the joy and peace that come from living in harmony with your authentic self. It’s a path of vulnerability, of courage, and of profound reward. As you embrace this journey, know that you’re not alone. There’s a community of like-minded women ready to support you, to share in your triumphs and your trials, as you seek the deeper meaning and purpose that your heart longs for.

Let’s take this step together, towards a life where your high performance is matched by high purpose and deep joy. Where every day brings you closer to the woman you were meant to be, living a life that’s not just successful, but truly significant.

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Your Integrated Identity Coach

Julianne Kirkland, renowned for her work as an integrated identity coach for high performers, invites you to discover your authentic self and cast aside the weight of societal norms. Balancing a successful entrepreneurial journey with the joys and challenges of a family of eight, Julianne offers insights that are both practical and profound. Her empowering approach will encourage you to discard your facades, embrace your genuine identity, and embark on a life filled with joy and unity.